The nuances of our approach have evolved over the years, but the core principles have remained the same since the inception of the firm. Rather than using static model portfolios, we identify the areas which we believe have the best outlook for long-term appreciation. We emphasize these areas in our clients’ accounts consistent with their investment objectives. We then identify the best specific investments to implement our strategies.

We carefully monitor long-term trends in the financial markets and the evolving universe of securities in which we might invest. While we are not short-term market timers, we are willing to make adjustments quickly when conditions change or new investment opportunities appear. We believe that our efficiency and responsiveness in these dimensions set us apart.

In summary:

1. Rather than following a static asset allocation, we have developed skill at identifying and emphasizing those asset classes expected to outperform.

2. We carefully identify the best mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) to use in implementing our asset allocation.

3. We monitor market conditions and can move quickly to implement changes to our clients’ portfolios once we determine changes are warranted.

4. Our investment decisions are based on what we believe is in our clients' best interest.  We have no conflicts of interest that might impact our investment decisions, since our sole source of revenue is the management fees our clients pay us.